Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picking Our Puppy: Round #2

Just got these ADORABLE pictures of the puppies at just 3 weeks old!!! May 20 seems like it will take forever to get here!! Luckily I have a lot going on before then...

This weekend of course, is Easter and my parents will be here! They've never spent Easter in Ft. Worth/ Granbury so I am very excited to have them! I am bummed my brother won't be able to come though. We have done some renovations to our house and will be switching master bedrooms this week so when they come, our house will be pretty different and I can't wait for it all to unfold.

Next weekend is Elizabeth and Xavi's couples shower that I am hosting with her two other bridesmaids! Miles and Lindsey's going away party is that same night so Hunter and I are going to try to make it out to Dallas after the shower to be a part of their farewell. That Sunday is Taylor's birthday so of course there will be celebrating! Wow...that will be a jam packed weekend!

We actually have a weekend with no set plans May 6-8 which I am really looking forward to!

The next weekend Hunter will be in Vegas for Taylor Chandler's bachelor party. Our friends Molly and Tanner are getting married that same weekend in Alabama so I am really bummed we won't be able to make it. I'll have to keep myself occupied I guess...I think Beer Olympics at the Burke's will be a must!

Finally...May 20 is the weekend after that and I CANNOT wait!! Its also Colonial weekend but I doubt I'll make it out there at all. I imagine I will be spending the weekend with one of these adorable little puppies!!

I've included all of the female puppies this time. I will distinguish our top 3 rankings from "Round #1: at 4 days" but we haven't ranked them at 3 weeks just yet!! Its getting harder and harder! At least we know from all of these pictures that we will end up with a beautiful dog.

Yellow was our #3 pick from Round 1

 Blue was our #1 pick from Round 1
(not sure why there is only 1 picture of her)

 Green has a little too much white on her chest but is still a cutie!

 I originally dismissed Orange immediately because of the amount of white on her chest as well but she is turning out to be one beautiful puppy!

White was our #2 pick from Round 1

Kitty said there should be more 3 week pictures so I will add them as soon as I get them!! I'll also update our ranking for "Round #2: at 3 weeks"!

Can't wait to see them again for "Round #3: at 5 weeks"!!

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  1. I hope you consider a rescue mutt as a brother or sister, in due time of course. Or you can always donate the puppy supplies this dog out grows to local shelters and rescue groups. They can always use things like kongs, leashes, outgrown collars and crates.

    Congratulations on the new addition.