Thursday, April 21, 2011

A blog is a blog is a blog

When I started this blog I wasn't quite sure how it works. I'm still not quite sure about 'blog ettiquite' or if there is such a thing. My goal was to blog frequently enough (approx. once a week) to keep people entertained but not too much to be overbearing. Then I realized that this is just a blog...MY blog. I can post however much I want and people can decide for themselves if they want to read it! In essence, if people get tired of hearing about us adopting a puppy then they can choose not to read my blog! With that being said, here are a few more puppy pictures from the breeder! I just can't help myself since they are just so darn cute at only 3 weeks!

Yellow has become our #1 choice this round!

Blue has moved to the #3 spot in Round 2.

 White has remained steady at the #2 spot both rounds!

The litter turns 4 weeks today so we only have 4 more weeks to go! We are halfway there to having a puppy in our home!

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