Monday, April 11, 2011

Picking our Puppy: Round #1

In just 6 weeks Hunter and I will have a little addition to our newlywed home! I cannot wait for our puppy to get here!! I will be flying up to Minnesota on May 20 to pick her up! read that right...Minnesota! I was hoping to find a breeder in Texas but none of the breeders I found had a litter planned that would work with our timeline. When I found this breeder online, I contacted her to see if she had any upcomming litters of all liver puppies! Once we found out that she did, Hunter called a guy he plays tennis with at River Crest who has become a GSP expert and he recommended the breeder! That was all we needed to hear so we paid for a puppy in full! :)

So here's how it works. Our gsp breeder (ironically named Kitty), periodically sends pictures of the puppies. Since she is located far away from most of her clients, she asks for the soon-to-be owners to rank their top 3 favorite puppies based on the pictures and information she sends at that time. The litter has 5 females and 3 males and techincally, Hunter and I should have the fourth pick of females. I like Kitty's process though because she lets us choose which puppy we would like and tries to make sure everyone gets one of their top three. We can change our mind as often as we want until we make final picks between 6 & 7 weeks. So here is the first round of our top 3 puppies at 4 days old!

1. Female #4 Blue

2. Female #8 White

3. Female #3 Yellow

The next set of photos should be around 2-3 weeks when their eyes will be open and they get up on their little feet. Looking forward to seeing those!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is a great blog, I love your posts about Bella! I always had animals but it wasn't until my boyfriend and I got our English Bulldog Tito that I really feel like he's my everything! I love him too much for words and he knows I'm mommy! Congrats on the baby too, very exciting news! Keep blogging, you're very good at it!
    Best wishes